Secure Remote Backup

Blue Box IT offers the Acronis backup service for Schools

Secure Remote Backup

Blue Box IT partners with Acronis, a leading backup software, recovery and secure data access provider for schools and businesses.

Acronis was founded back in 2003 and now have more than 1,700 Education and Research Institutions who use their products worldwide.

With our technicians providing ongoing monitoring and maintenance, this ensures that you can recover anything, anywhere, at any time.

Our full server backup and recovery service’ allow us to quickly and easily restore full service to your school in the event of a critical incident.  Full server restoration and resumption of normal service can be achieved in less than 24 hours!

Acronis offers easy and safe solutions to ensure all your data is protected and secure both in the cloud and mobile devices, and assists with GDPR compliance for your organisation.  Our cloud storage bundles start from only £20 per month to help protect your critical school data.

For more information about Acronis you please contact us.