Digital Signage

Easy to use, interactive solutions to display all the information you need across your school or college

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a visual communication solution that allows imagers, videos, messages, alerts and announcements to be displayed on a variety of devices, from dedicated screens installed in reception, to classroom interactive displays, dining room screens and meeting room displays.

Blue Box IT partners with SEDAO to implement an easy to manage, low-cost and intuitive Digital Signage solution that can meet your specific requirements. Our cloud-based service allows information and updates to be easily managed by your school/business via a simple, dedicated, intuitive web portal, without any specialist computer knowledge. Should you need additional support then we provide an easy to access remote support service to assist with ongoing changes and administration.

Features of SEDAO

The Sedao digital signage solution for education is specifically designed to enable administrators to communicate easily and effectively with staff, students and visitors.

The user-friendly online platform makes it quick and easy to distribute messages to educate and keep selected audiences informed.

With Sedao Digital Signage, administrators can create visitor welcome messages, display student work or broadcast staff notices that incorporate live news feeds, social media streams and many other media formats.

  • Users have the flexibility to control all digital signage displays from a single account using with a simple, drag and drop interface.
  • With over 100+ templates, users can add brand logos and images, make changes such as moving, resizing and deleting multimedia zones, and edit content to create personalised digital signage presentations.
  • Choose from a range of modern templates with varying multimedia zones, including built in time and date widgets.
  • Fully customisable templates - add your logo, colour scheme and theme image to the templates for a personalised display or create your own unique layout using the Sedao design software.
  • Incorporate different media formats - SedaoLive Cloud supports many different media formats, enabling you to display content including movies/videos, images, text, RSS Feeds and PDFs.
  • External web pages can also be displayed, along with social media and live news feeds.

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