Blue Box Cloudschool

Blue Box Cloudschool

With the proliferation of faster internet connectivity in recent years, together with a gradual move to online, cloud-based services, there is less need for schools to continue to invest in expensive, onsite ICT systems. In fact, current government guidelines advocate a positive move away from this type of setup towards a more progressive and flexible setup which can provide a large number of benefits to schools and colleges that adopt this approach.

Our Cloud School audit, offered free-of-charge to qualifying schools, will review all of your schools current ICT systems, highlighting key areas of improvement, as well as providing recommendations and advice around how your school can put in place the necessary steps to make the transition to an effective cloud-based solution. Working with key partners such as Microsoft, Google, Clevertouch, Promethean, Acronis, Bit Defender, and Draytek, as well as a variety of national connectivity partners, our solution brings together, we can supply and implement a full end-to-end solution incorporating improvements to the core ICT infrastructure of your school, fast internet connectivity solutions,  as well as the deployment of mobile technologies and leading classroom teaching and learning devices, to complement your move to a more flexible, innovative and engaging use of IT in your daily school life.

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Our Blue Box Cloudschool solution is an easy-to-use and easy to support solution, that allows primary schools to move away from expensive, traditional onsite IT solutions towards a more flexible and cost-effective solution that provides the following benefits

  • Single, customisable online platform that provides easy and flexible access to key teaching and learning resources, as well as critical admin and management information.
  • Ability to easily create and share information with the entire school community including staff, pupils, governors and parents.
  • Create an easy to manage and maintain ICT environment reducing the need for expensive, regular onsite support.
  • Improve reliability by removing the need for a single school server providing access to all resources.
  • Increase remote access opportunities through the use of a variety of devices to access school information securely from any location.
  • Assist with GDPR and data security by ensuring that data is saved automatically and backed up through compliant, automatic daily backups.